Past Performance

To illustrate that we can successfully work with all specialties, we have listed a few of our placements below. They have been presented in no particular order.

  • Orthopedic Surgeon in Colorado town of 45K
  • General Surgeon in Southern New Mexico
  • Internal Medicine in Seattle
  • Urologist in Northern New Mexico
  • Orthopedic Surgeon in Southern Texas
  • Internal Medicine in Southern Rio Grande Valley
  • Several Pediatricians in Southern Texas
  • Dermatologist in Monterrey, California
  • Rheumatologist in Denver
  • Pediatrician in Washington State
  • Radiation Oncologist in central Texas
  • Radiologist in upper New York State
  • Cardiologist in Southwestern Texas
  • Occupational Medicine in Denver

Hospitals . Clinics . Small Single Specialty Groups . Multi-Specialty Groups . Solo with Coverage .

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