The Process

Initial Contact

Within a day or two of the time we receive your information, through e-mail, fax, or through the form on your specialty page, your interest in securing a new practice opportunity, our physician recruiter specializing in your specialty will contact you. We will want to know about your practice objectives, your family, preferred leisure time activities and other general information concerning where you would like to practice medicine and why you are seeking a change. The last issue will be a matter of concern to any potential recruiting organization or practice you interview with.

We realize there are numerous reasons for your seeking a position and have found that the most common reasons are excessive call, too much work, too little work, disputes over practice style or income, wanting to be closer to family or in a more desirable location.

Upon our initial call if we have not already secured your CV/Resume we will ask that you forward a copy via e-mail or fax and will secure your permission to submit it to potential positions which meet your specific search criteria.

When we have a position of interest for you we will contact the person offering the position and give details as to your credentials and qualifications for that position. We then submit your CV in confidence for review by the hospital or practice. The facility will notify us as to their level of interest and we will then coordinate a time for you to phone interview with the potential employer. Your information is normally submitted to the CEO or hospital recruiter assisting the practice in the hiring process. It is this phase that can be quite frustrating to all concerned, because when a new physician is needed, the physicians who must do the reviewing and phone interview are extremely busy and do not always review a CV presented in a timely fashion. It is our job to assist you with your search and move the process along as smoothly as possible for all parties involved.

After you have had the initial phone interview we will coordinate with you, the practice or hospital to schedule an on site visit. You will be sent information on the community, schools, housing, activities and practice as to what they have to offer.

As the search continues we will keep you abreast of developments by e-mail and/or phone as to the status of the position of interest for you and will also notify you of other positions which may come available and be of interest for you. At this same time as a professional courtesy we will expect you to keep us advised as to changes in your status.

Bringing a professional into a practice or hospital or seeking a change in your current position is a big decision for everyone involved. All parties are working in a very busy environment. We are here to offer our personalized, conscientious and comprehensive physician recruitment services in order for the transition to be run as smoothly as possible. We look forward to working with you.

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